The Croatian coast forms the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia has one of the most indented coastlines, scattered with more than 1,200 islands, almost 80 of which are inhabited. The Adriatic is undoubtedly the best choice for nautical tourists. You will have a difficult time finding such a pleasant climate, moderate winds and crystal-clear water all in one place anywhere else. The good road and air connections with Europe and the rest of the world place the Croatian coast at the very heart of Europe. But the summer sun and relaxing holidays are not all the Croatian coast has to offer. Due to its particularly favourable climate, it has been shown that staying on Krk can have a positive effect on conditions and illnesses affecting the respiratory system, skin and bones. For those who enjoy physical activity, Krk offers activities such as diving, fishing, spearfishing, water sports and cycling.


    On site
    • Pool
    • Hot tub
    • Fitness club
    • Cycling
    • Running
    15–30-minute DRIVE
     And when you are done, you can relax in the peace and quiet by the pool.